About The Highway Women

The Highway Women were formed in 2016 by a group of independent female artists bound together by their love for Country music. Strongly influenced by the iconic supergroup 'The Highwaymen', these four women have joined forces to honour the story-telling, individuality and vision of the heart and soul of Country music.

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Courtney Lynn
Courtney Lynn Canadian-born Courtney Lynn possesses a voice and style that echoes both her heritage and her modern edge.  She can often be found belting out in-your-face songs with her raspy and innovative vocals while donning her trademark funky fur boots that are reminiscent of her Metis Indian ancestors, a people made up of French-Canadian fur traders and aboriginal Canadians.  Her debut solo album Bad Girl unapologetically mixes old country with new country and exhibits a blend of both soul-soothing and upbeat "hit 'em hard" songs.
Amelia Presley
Amelia Presley Amelia Presley is a Country Singer-Songwriter and Recording/Performing Artist with a 10 song album and two singles released. Presley enlisted in the United States Coast Guard in October of 2010 and was discharged in August of 2015.  In that time, she received orders to four different units and 2 temporary duties, resulting in a range of songs incorporating experiences from each of those places. Prior to joining the military, she grew up on a farm in Franklin Creek, MS. From an early age, she aspired to follow in the footsteps of her cousin, Elvis Presley. She began writing songs as soon as she was able to write and would memorize the melodies. After joining the Coast Guard, she was first stationed at Air Station New Orleans, Louisiana and began to pursue music heavily.
Sara Spicer​
Sara Spicer​ We are so excited to announce the NEWEST MEMBER of the Highway Women, Sara Spicer​! Sara was born into a country musical family and has stayed true to those roots for her entire career. We asked Sara what country music meant to her and this is what she had to say: "Country music is either in your blood or it's not, it's all I've ever known!"
KK Bodiford
KK Bodiford KK Bodiford is a country artist that encompasses every bit of raw and real! She never holds back in the way she writes and performs. When you ask someone what kind of person she is, everyone always says KK is the best kind of crazy with the biggest heart! She is COUNTRY and ROCK to the core! KK grew up in Topeka, Kansas. She was always writing from a very young age, playing piano, and singing every chance she could get. When KK graduated from Kansas State University, she moved down to Austin, Texas to pursue her aspirations of making music her full-time career.
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