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The Highway Women stepped onto the scene in 2016 with the intention of changing the music industry forever.  The group is comprised of
three of the most original voices you will hear in Country music.  KK Bodiford's sultry vocals pair with Sara Spicer's chilling range while Amelia Presley's soulful sound penetrates the air above the awe stricken audience.  Their originals embody the spirit of outlaw with lyrics like, "What's been forbidden, we're caught up in again.  Rebels on the run, we're Highway Women."  They seek not to go with the flow of what the industry beckons for.  Instead, they are changing the way the world views women in Country music.  KK brings the big guns, Sara brings the fight, Amelia brings the fire.  

Hailing from different regions, these women merged their separate music careers into one powerful project.  Originally from Kansas, KK Bodiford (formerly Kristen Kissling) started her career on Nashville Star.  The multi-instrumentalist took her aspirations to Texas where she now resides.  Sara Spicer arrived in Nashville, Tennessee from Philadelphia and quickly became a successful songwriter and performer.  Amelia Presley left a farm in Mississippi to enlist in the United States Coast Guard until 2015 when she began pursuing music full time.  All four reside in Texas...for now.  For them, home isn't a place.  It is a feeling of being one with the journey.





  • Drummer-Charlie Adams (Yanni's drummer)
  • Bassist-Christian Sly
  • Lead Guitarist-Blake Sticker
  • Mandolin-KK Bodiford
  • Rhythm Guitarists-KK Bodiford, Sara Spicer, Amelia Presley


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