New Video: Highwayman
OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THE "HIGHWAYMAN" MUSIC VIDEO! Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel while checking out this video to keep up with new releases, tour information, and behind the scenes footage!
New Video - Live Forever
Thank ya'll for your support and patience with this Lyric Video of “LIVE FOREVER!"
We're Working with Dean Miller!
Dean Miller has a lifetime of experience in the music industry. Born into a musical family, Dean is the son of the late Roger Miller, best known for the song "King of the Road" and the Tony Award winning Broadway play "Big River."
Melissa Daley
Melissa has over 15 years experience working in Entertainment and has been on every side of the Industry. She began on the business side working as a Talent agent in NY bringing many of her clients to celebrity level and later was recruited by CBS to be a Radio and TV personality herself where she hosted and emceed hundreds of concerts, festivals and events. She then began working with musicians helping them take their careers to the top.
WE'RE BEYOND EXCITED to announce that Dean Miller will be producing our full LP! We could not be more humbled to work with Dean who has produced 2 of the 4 Highwaymen in addition to a multitude of legendary artists, including some of our idols, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams III, and Trisha Yearwood.
Honorary Highway Woman: Jaclyn Cazier
Jaclyn is step mother of my two twin boys age 5 and mother of my daughter 3 and my son Blake 1 who was diagnosed with acute Monoblastic luekemia 6 months ago. She has been by his side from day one and put her normal life on hold while he is in treatment.
Honorary Highway Woman: Laurie Forand
For this week's Highway Woman we'd like to share the story of Laurie Forand of Maryland. Those who know Laurie, know her to be a woman of character and commitment, who truly follows through on everything she sets out to do. Laurie is not prone to brag about her accomplishments, but her actions are indeed louder than her words and her life example is one that can truly speak to all of us.
Highway Woman: Riki Knox
Throughout history, it's common for men to support and lift each other up. You don't see that nearly enough amongst women. I'm drawn to strong women who know who they are, and what they want.
Honorary Highway Woman: Debbie McIntyre
The Highway Women are proud to have Debbie McIntyre as the Honorary Highway Woman of the Week! After a terrible accident in 1997 that killed her husband and left her with two partially severed legs Debbie, has overcome many obstacles in her path. She always has a positive outlook and a strong sense of determination.
Highway Woman: Abbi Scott
Being a Highwaywoman, means that my individuality stands for something.  It means that not blending is okay, and that though I can never fill the shoes of the Highwaymen, I can carry on in their light.
Honorary Highway Woman: Amanda Monhollon
Amanda is a mother of 3, and one of the strongest women I have ever met. Her youngest daughter is Parker, 8 years old, who was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor called DIPG, which as of this point there has been no known cure.
Highway Woman: Pearl Clarkin
When I was 15 I was lucky enough to start singing at Hard Rock Cafe Nashville and I loved it. I had a friend I hired as a guitarist who sang for Tootsies. The songs that were sung in the Honky Tonks were a different country than the Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood I knew and sang
Honorary Highway Woman: Caryle Daniels
Caryle Daniels, lovingly referred to as "Nan," by Abbi Scott is a tough rebel all in her own right. She is tenacious, determined, strong-willed, and has a spirit of a pioneer woman; or that is how Abbi describes her.
Highway Woman: KK Bodiford
Each week will profile one woman we think exemplifies what it means to be a Highway Woman. This week it's KK Bodiford. We asked KK a couple of questions about what it means to be in the group and what The Highwaymen mean to her.
2016 CMA Music Festival
We will be performing at the CMA Music Festival in June! We have posted 4 shows already. We will be performing as a full band at Alley Taps on Thursday and Saturday.
We're In The Studio!
It's official! We are in the studio now recording. Our first single will be released June 1, 2016. Check back here for video, music, photos and more
New Album Of Originals and Covers
We are so excited about our new album! Tracks will include original songs and a few covers of the original Highwaymen.
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